Can you really trust your cleaner?

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Ask you self this question,  Do you trust your cleaner?

What is the answer? Professionaly, we say the cleaner is only as trustworthy as the company who employs them!

Safety is paramount, you’re leaving them alone in your home, where you live with your family!

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One of the reasons some people say they wouldn’t have a cleaner is because they wouldn’t feel safe leaving them alone in the house.  This is fair enough, it’s a reasonable concern.  Part of our service is not only providing you with a cleaner but also to ensure the cleaner you have is safe, reliable and trustoworthy.

However tempting it might be to hire a cleaner based on their £10 per hour price tag, is it really worth risking the safety of your home?

So, Can you really trust your cleaner?

You would be able to trust our cleaners, we make that clear from the start, so how do we know how trustworthy our cleaners are?

Every staff member with us is made subject to the following:

  • Full reference checking procedure.
  • DBS checking.
  • Criminality declaration upon application.
  • A tight contract including confidential information terms.
  • Consistant on job training.
  • Spot checks.

All of our lovely cleaners will build a firm relationship with you so you feel comfortable with them being there.  They will respond to notes left in your customer booklet and always go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied.

We also have a spot check system where a supervisor will call to check the standard of work.  Domestic cleaning is alot more popular today and than it was ten years ago and our supervisors know what to look for to ensure the service remains popular.

VeriClean would love to the chance to provide one of our cleaners to your home,  Call us on 01792 447071 to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs.

You can trust our cleaners and we know you will be happy with the work they put in to keeping your home not just clean, but VeriClean