Great start to new year as we employ more commerical cleaners for new customers


Great start to new year as we employ more commerical cleaners for new customers

Welcome to 2018:

2018 seems to hold much promise for us as an organisation.  We have had a strong recruitment drive to keep up with the demands of our new commercial contracts.

How we select our staff:

Our cleaners are vetted and trained by us at our HQ before they are sent for further training on their new site.  We keep the same cleaners for every job, so they can build a routine that will suit the unique needs of the customer.


Our staff:

There is always a happy feeling here at VeriClean when a new member of staff can get on with the job they applied for when they came to us, staff meeting at our HQ get to know one another and can help each other out with advice etc when needed. Things work much more smoothly that way.

The way they work and how the business ensures standards are kept high:

Staff are always happy to do their best in their job if they feel apricated and are recognised for the hard work they do on our behalf. As part of their training with VeriClean we let them know that there will be times when they will have to accept criticism and, although never presented in an unpleasant way, we need them to be aware that inspections take place as part of our company’s commitment to ongoing standards.

Our attitude towards their attitude:

We are great supporters of communication between the customer and our staff, we always encourage a friendly personality and happy smile when our staff meet and work with our customers, everyone needs a pleasant workspace and as part of our recruitment procedure we look for this quality in the right candidate.

Our commitment to privacy:

Confidentiality is so important to us. When our new staff members start working for VeriClean they are asked to sign a confidentiality contract as part of their main employment contact with us. This provides great protection for our customers and their sensitive information.


If you need a cleaner you trust

send us an email and we wiull get in touch with you

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Our Pontardawe based company expands every day!


Most will drive past this sign without realising that the company just off this junction could solve all their cleaning problems!

Our Pontardawe based cleaning company expands every day.  Pontardawe is a perfect location for our business, its almost central to our area, we can get to the depths of Milford Haven within the same time it takes us to call to a customer in Cwmbran.

We encourage new customers to have faith in a company that has a reputation of brilliant customer service and excellent communication, a company that trains their staff well and carries out what they promise to do .

Next you find yourself passing this junction, indicate, come in to our HQ and speak to us about how we can help solve all your cleaning problems.

01792 447071

“Fantstic start to our fouth year” VeriClean director hints at plans for extended growth



Carl Jones has issued a great forecast for the future of the already popular cleaning service and the news has already had the attention of competitors as it plans to expand its service structure to accommodate the changing needs of companies and residential customers alike.

In an announcement to staff on Monday morning, Mr. Jones said:

” We have seen a fantastic start to our fourth year in business. The fact that have outlasted most of the competition from when we begun and even companies that were started long before us, makes me sure that we have proven to the industry that we are the best cleaning company to handle the needs of any kind of customer today.  We now have plans for serious growth and our first few weeks into our fourth year of trading has delivered proof our plans will create even more success for this already brilliant company.  We will continue to deliver first class customer service directly from the cleaner, we will continue to set the example of how a professional cleaning organisation should conduct itself and prove to business across South West Wales that finally there is a cleaning company out there that isn’t all mouth and no trousers.  We will show that our company actually cares for its customers and will deliver what is promised throughout our contract and not just ‘leave our staff to it’ like the rest of them do.  We will prove that it is better to buy a full cleaning service than to employ cleaners direct.  We started this company during the worst financial crisis in modern history and now we will develop into to a brand that will be matched by none.  Over the course of the few weeks we will be releasing news on our  newly structured tailored service that will not only provide a service that is value for money but will be a service that no other cleaning company can provide.”


The news came after he released plans for new uniforms, new training programmes and new opportunities that will create employment and secure the employment of our many staff for years to come.

Happy New Year, a bigger and better year is coming.


We at VeriClean are excited for 2017 and all it may bring for us, with company development plans in place we are excited for what VeriClean will be by this time next year.  We have carried out a case study to find out what our customers need the most from VeriClean and where we can improve.  Thankfully 97% of customers were 100% happy with the service where the 3% wanted only minor changes to the service they received.  All customers felt they had satisfactory communication with us at all times and they all felt comfortable with the level of communication between themselves and our cleaners.

We are dedicated to consistent improvement of our service and we want every customer to feel they can speak to us at any time about any issue they may have with VeriClean so we can rectify any part of their service to restore 100% satisfaction.

If you want a better 2017, a year of less hassle and a cleaner environment, call us on 01792 447071 and speak to our reception.


Happy New Year

“Thankfully there is a cleaning company that gets it right” – a letter of recommendation



Thankfully there is a cleaning company that gets it right! –  That is right, we get it right, every time.

We all know what it is like to hire an amateur to do something in an effort to save money, don’t we? There is saying, and it goes like this:

“If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”

This is certainly something one of our new customers have faced using cleaning companies that made all the promises is the beginning but were just awful after a few sessions.  Keep reading below where we have copied a letter from a new customer  who is just delighted to finally get it right.

” Dear Mr & Mrs Jones,

                  Id like to begin by explaining why I am writing this letter today.  Several months ago, my husband and I decided we needed a cleaner to visit once a week while we were in work, so we could have a bit of time over the weekend to just relax.  We responded to an advert we seen on a shop window, their price seemed fair, so we reached for the company in question and found their page on Facebook, things seemed quite authentic so we decided to give them a call. After a conversation on the telephone, we agreed a time where she would visit and we could discuss our needs.  The time came when we were visited by the company who said they had a range of cleaners to suit everyones desired time and day and promised the cleaner we would have was a good worker and a reliable cleaner.  We were told the company advertised itself as a “Professional, fully registered, fully licensed service with CRB checked staff”  Now we were slightly alarmed by the fact that this lady, a proposed business professional did now know that the whole CRB process has now changed to DBS and when we questioned who she was licensed with she couldn’t give us a clear answer,  We decided not to go ahead with the service as the owner didn’t seem reliable.  We were right to go with our gut feeling as we have now discovered that this lady did not have any staff at all, she was working alone, everything she told us was a concoction of tales.  A second attempt we hired a lady who was upfront about the fact that it was only her and we were happy with her £11 per hour charge.  This again, ended in disappointment.

IMG_2814The first visit was good but it went down hill from there.  The following week she decided to turn up later than the arranged time and was busy cleaning when I returned home from work and the week after she didn’t arrive at all.  We spoke to her and she said she had a few problems but would be there next week but that never arrived.  She completely let us down.

We were about to give up when we were told about a company by a friend who had hired this particular company for many months, this company was yours, VeriClean.  As soon as we were in contact with you our experience was easy and completely hassle free.  You arranged for the cleaner to arrive at our home at the set day and time, she arrived promptly, professionally dressed & well mannered.  She explained that she needed time to build a routine but once this was done it would be plain sailing and indeed it was.  We are delighted with the level of service you provide us and we appreciate the hard work Beverley puts in to ensure our house is as clean as possible.  When the cleaner can’t make it you always send a replacement and the manner of your reception is always as pleasant and as helpful as possible.  I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for your continued effort to ensure our service is always spot on, at last, we found a cleaning company that gets it!


Mr & Mrs. C “

Judge for yourself.  If you would like a real cleaning company to take care of your cleaning requirements, call us 01792 447071