VeriClean launches “Supersecure Cleaner programme” for all new and current staff.

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Supersecure Cleaner Programme


A new, safer initiative has been introduced by VeriClean to ensure you really are getting the security you need when letting a cleaner into your home or office.  Along with standard DBS checks we will now engage in deeper security checks and ongoing staff assessments to ensure that the cleaner that has been appointed really is the best option for the customer.


“Although a DBS check is evidence that the person employed has got a clear criminal history we now need to make sure it stays that way.  We will now undertake regular background checks and reference checks throughout the employment of each cleaner to ensure we only employ and keep trustworthy and reliable people.  Not only are we going to enhance the ongoing checks of our cleaners, we are going to upgrade our confidentiality policy and make significant changes to our employment contracts to ensure our staff are as trustworthy as possible.  We are now going to introduce drug and alcohol testing for all staff members and conduct checks randomly to ensure all staff are safe to be trusted on your property.  Our new SSCP will make us the best choice.    ” – Carl Jones


Can you afford to trust anyone else?




VeriClean launch new dedicated medical team to handle health care centres




VeriClean have launched a new dedicated cleaning arm to ensure medical centres, dentists and GP Practices are as receiving the best service possible.


In an effort to ensure that everything is handled with precision we have introduced a new standard working formula tailored specifically for the medical centres we serve and ready for the new ones that are starting to join us.

The medical industry needs a reliable cleaning company that isn’t economically greedy.  Try booking a DJ for a wedding, they’ll put money on top just because its a wedding party, and its the same for medical centre cleaning,  it doesn’t need to be more expensive, it isn’t more work, its just a different kind of work.  We are the best priced medical cleaning service in South and West Wales and we have a 100% success rate at keeping these customers happy and retaining them after the end of the first and second year contract.


If you need a cleaning company to ensure your cleaning needs are met, in every sector, call 01792 447071.

Stepping up the competition


There comes a time when every company starts to tread on the toes of their competitors, you can see the way they start stepping up the competition, for example, using your slogans, copying your content, stalking you on linked in, asking friends to invite you to “price up work” and so on.

VeriClean is not a competing cleaning company.  We have no interest in what the others are doing because we are not the same as everyone else.  We are growing so fast because we have identified the missing link that other cleaning companies have failed to recognise.

Cleaning companies have a notoriously bad name, poor service being the number one complaint we hear about the previous cleaning service supplier at every new contract we take over.  VeriClean started because we knew how to work at key points in our service to provide a 100% percent satisfaction cleaning service.

With other cleaning service providers you will notice they make large promises to begin with and then the standard almost immediately disappoints. They only speak to you when the invoice is due and they do spot checks on your office block when the contract is due for renewal.



We can put you in touch with our customers who will tell you the different way we operate, they will tell you the problems they had with other firms and the way we have changed their perception on cleaning service providers.

VeriClean does what it says on the tin, the reason why we have the best name there is for a cleaning company is because we provide the best service a cleaning company can provide.

When signing up with us you will receive your own contract manager who will lease you with you for the whole duration of the contract. Communication is key.


Call our office now:


Swansea: 01792 447071

Cardiff: 02921 671127


And let us make your building VeriClean.


We are hiring

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Would you like to join a great workforce and be part of a great organisation?

VeriClean are looking to employ some domestic cleaners in the swansea valley area to keep up with growing demand.  You must willing to complete a DBS check and be reliable and hard working.

For more information, please email your CV to:


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The Danger of an unprofessional cleaner


What to look out for: Small ads in shop windows, Mobile phone number for contact details, No address on the advertisments, Generalised logos they’ve taken from somone else, promises of being “registered” and “fully insured”.  All the hallmarks of an unprofessional, inexperienced cleaner trying to make a quick buck, choose them at your peril.

We have had so many customers choosing VeriClean in the last few months who have had to swap their cleaning service provider because the one they had was a one man band who made promises of a brilliant service andhas ended in hardache.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere and some cleaners are really genuine,  but most of these small cleaning firms start off with the wrong attitude. They lie about being DBS checked and they can get references from just about anyone.  They use tesco value cleaning supplies and use bleach where they shouldn’t and what happens when the bleach drips on the carpet? They wont pay for the damage because they cannot afford it and the insurance policy is imaginary.

What makes VeriClean Different?

We have the right attitude, we are growing so fast because we treat our customers with respect, I always say “I wouldn’t leave a cleaner alone in your house or office that I wouldn’t leave alone in my own” and that is the truth.

We have a great reputation and our cleaners