About VeriClean

A Message From Carl Jones

domesticVeriClean is the result of a vision I had created in my time dealing with cleaning firms in the past.  I
have built a structured company where my customers are always satisfied and my staff are always keen to impress.

I understand the difficulty most companies have with their cleaning service provider, I understand the disruption they can cause when they haven’t carried out their duties as they should and I understand what a customer wants from a cleaning company.

This is what sets us aside from everyone else. I spend my days ensuring my customers are happy with what we set out to provide.

This is why we are growing so fast.  This is why we were an award winning cleaning company only fourteen months after we started, This is why our customer retention rate almost one hundred percent, this is why our staff retention rate is one hundred percent.

This is why I want to speak to companies who want a cleaning service provider who knows what they’re doing.  I encourage company owners to get in touch with us, no obligation, for us to come and visit so we can show you what we can do for you

Now we are entering our third year and things could not have looked better, we have grown beyond our own plans and we look forward to seeing what our next growth phase brings us”


Carl Jones, January 2016