Carl Jones warns that families looking for a cleaner should choose wisely.


In the last few months VeriClean have been fortunate enough to welcome new customers into the company that now receive fantastic service but had dreadful experiences with previous cleaners, mostly one man bands.

“I insist, that even if those looking for a cleaner don’t choose to use VeriClean, that they choose wisely”, Carl said when giving a presentation yesterday.  He added that most of the customers who decide to change their cleaner to VeriClean choose to do so because of nightmares with cleaners who are simply just self employed.  ” The trouble with one man band cleaners is that there are no set policies and procedures, no complaints procedure and most importantly, no one to check if the cleaner is safe, reliable and in possession of a clean criminal history, potentially leaving the customer open to all sorts of risk, this is really frightening.  All the cleaner has to do is give them selves a name that gives them basic credibility and people think these are safe to hire.  They pay £1.50 for DBS CHECKED’ logo for their car or van and innocent customers believe they are safe. It is horrifying, and so very dangerous” Carl said.

VeriClean is reputable cleaning company, we have a great name and our growth is testament to our good service.  You can pick your cleaner, pick your cleaning time and day and we will work as closely to the required spot as we can.

We are popular for a reason.


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