VeriClean launch new dedicated medical team to handle health care centres




VeriClean have launched a new dedicated cleaning arm to ensure medical centres, dentists and GP Practices are as receiving the best service possible.


In an effort to ensure that everything is handled with precision we have introduced a new standard working formula tailored specifically for the medical centres we serve and ready for the new ones that are starting to join us.

The medical industry needs a reliable cleaning company that isn’t economically greedy.  Try booking a DJ for a wedding, they’ll put money on top just because its a wedding party, and its the same for medical centre cleaning,  it doesn’t need to be more expensive, it isn’t more work, its just a different kind of work.  We are the best priced medical cleaning service in South and West Wales and we have a 100% success rate at keeping these customers happy and retaining them after the end of the first and second year contract.


If you need a cleaning company to ensure your cleaning needs are met, in every sector, call 01792 447071.