The Best Around……


Customers often send feedback reporting that VeriClean is the best around…….. our service is great, our staff are friendly and the job is always done well. Here we really think outside the box, how can we make our customers extra happy?

But what happens when you get an unhappy customer?  Are we really at fault? is the customer always right? Every situation is different, each customer is different.  You’ll never keep everyone happy but its always worth trying and that is best.

There has been a large gap in the market for a cleaning company that offers great wrap around service, there is more to hiring a company that just having cleaners, there needs to be persistent monitoring.

It is clear that our cleaners are doing a brilliant job and the company is doing a great job monitoring our customers and gauging their satisfaction, and tailoring the service around the results. If you are looking for a cleaner that ticks all the boxes, VeriClean is the obvious choice.vericlean_vector