Biggest month of growth since we started!


March has provided us with our biggest month of growth since we started.  We have had an employment drive to keep up with the new work load, we really are that busy.



Because we are the only company that provides the level of service most companies expect.  This month, customers have joined us and terminated their contracts with cleaning companies from Bridgend, Swansea and Llanelli.  Companies that have been going for nearly ten years are now losing their work as customers decide to join us, a real cleaning company.


As we always say:


Cleaning companies have a notoriously bad name, poor service being the number one complaint we hear about the previous cleaning service supplier at every new contract we take over. VeriClean started because we knew how to work at key points in our service to provide a 100% percent satisfaction cleaning service.

With other cleaning service providers you will notice they make large promises to begin with and then the standard almost immediately disappoints. They only speak to you when the invoice is due and they do spot checks on your office block when the contract is due for renewal.


We can put you in touch with our customers who will tell you the different way we operate, they will tell you the problems they had with other firms and the way we have changed their perception on cleaning service providers.

VeriClean does what it says on the tin, the reason why we have the best name there is for a cleaning company is because we provide the best service a cleaning company can provide.

When signing up with us you will receive your own contract manager who will be with you for the whole duration of the contract. Communication is key.


Call VeriClean and become one of our collection of happy customers.

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