Commercial Cleaning Cardiff


With our growing success with our Commercial Cleaning in Cardiff in those who are around our capital might see us far more frequently than normal.

We are developing a strong customer base in and around the CF postcode areas and it is clear that a service as great as ours has been needed for a long time.

In a recent interview about our growth up the M4 we were asked what we thought about dedicating services to those who need it in Cardiff this was our reply:

“We are delighted with the success of VeriClean in our capital and the surrounding areas. Once again VeriClean has made it clear that large firms can have faith in our industry once again and there is a cleaning company out there that isn’t full of hot air. VeriClean is making its mark of cleaning services in Cardiff and our customers are thrilled to finally have a company to handle their cleaning needs that doesn’t need constant supervision”

If you need a reliable commercial cleaner for your business call us now on: 02921 671127

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