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Meet Jayne

Jayne Christopher is our Commerical Contract Supervisor.  Jayne is playing a large role in the development of our great organisation.   jayne

Jayne started with VeriClean on a small, four hour contact in october 2014 and soon proved she had the capability to handle alot more responsibilty than just cleaning.  Through sheer hard work and commitment to our company she has became our first employee to receive a promotion.  Jayne has a thorough eye for detail and a caring attitude. Jayne was made supervisor in the summer of 2015 and she deserved it.

Jayne handles the day to day operation of our commercial cleaning division and is a welcomed face with all our contracts.

A good company can only become great by having a great workforce.  We are delighted that Jayne is with us and our customers appriciate her as much as we do.

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