The Power of an a surpise inspection


“There is only one reason standards start dropping, it all boils down to lack of management” 


This is my number one line, its my number one reason, its the number one reason cleaning companies continually fail to keep cleaning contracts long term.

The power of an imminent inspection is enough to make any employee ensure everything is absolutely correect at any one time.  It isn’t a threat, its a procedure, it isn’t bad for the employee and its better for the customer.  VeriClean has a list of standard enhancing procedures that we keep close to our chest to ensure we still have the right ingredients to keep our customers happy.

How do we ensure the cleaners are up to our standards in ability and service delivery ?

Answer: Training, training and more training. With our first rate training and staff accreditation scheme we ensure all cleaners are of the same ability as their co workers.

Can you afford to use anyone else?


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