The Danger of an unprofessional cleaner


What to look out for: Small ads in shop windows, Mobile phone number for contact details, No address on the advertisments, Generalised logos they’ve taken from somone else, promises of being “registered” and “fully insured”.  All the hallmarks of an unprofessional, inexperienced cleaner trying to make a quick buck, choose them at your peril.

We have had so many customers choosing VeriClean in the last few months who have had to swap their cleaning service provider because the one they had was a one man band who made promises of a brilliant service andhas ended in hardache.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere and some cleaners are really genuine,  but most of these small cleaning firms start off with the wrong attitude. They lie about being DBS checked and they can get references from just about anyone.  They use tesco value cleaning supplies and use bleach where they shouldn’t and what happens when the bleach drips on the carpet? They wont pay for the damage because they cannot afford it and the insurance policy is imaginary.

What makes VeriClean Different?

We have the right attitude, we are growing so fast because we treat our customers with respect, I always say “I wouldn’t leave a cleaner alone in your house or office that I wouldn’t leave alone in my own” and that is the truth.

We have a great reputation and our cleaners



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