We are not just any cleaning company

fed up cleaning

Some people literally wake up one day and say “I think ill start a cleaning company today”. 

                                                                          This is worrying!

Would you let a hair dresser come anywhere near you without having being trained first? Would you let a builder near your new extension without being qualified? Would you let an electrician near your electrics if they hadn’t done an apprenticship first? The short answer is “NO”.

Ok, the foundations of cleaning are basic, everyone does it right? Yes, but is providing a cleaning service to professional organisaitons with knowledge of the industry, physical experience of commercial cleaning and every aspect of health and safety, people management and working within regulations something that everyone does? again, its a “NO”!

Here at VeriClean we ensure that we can successfully take care of your cleaning needs without error.  We don’t provide just a cleaner, we provide a whole cleaning package, as a product, so our customers don’t have to have the worry of checking up after the cleaners or the stress of not having the service they pay for.

Our company is a well thought through, organised cleaning company with experienced Directors, Supervisors and Staff providing the services we offer.

fed up cleaning


Our main competition are not the large cleaning companies, as people would think, it is actually the smaller, more unprofessional firms that take on customers without actually knowing what they are doing, therefore frightening off what would be good customers and turning them against the thought of using cleaning companies again. This is what we have found. On many occasions we have had to ‘convert’ companies who have had their fingers burned with previous firms and regain their trust, and we have done it successfully might I add.

Some companies change to us from their current cleaning service provider because they know our reputation, and they are glad they did.

VeriClean are dedicated to delivering a first rate cleaning service and the fact all our customers are still happy with us is a testament to our promise.

The Power of an a surpise inspection


“There is only one reason standards start dropping, it all boils down to lack of management” 


This is my number one line, its my number one reason, its the number one reason cleaning companies continually fail to keep cleaning contracts long term.

The power of an imminent inspection is enough to make any employee ensure everything is absolutely correect at any one time.  It isn’t a threat, its a procedure, it isn’t bad for the employee and its better for the customer.  VeriClean has a list of standard enhancing procedures that we keep close to our chest to ensure we still have the right ingredients to keep our customers happy.

How do we ensure the cleaners are up to our standards in ability and service delivery ?

Answer: Training, training and more training. With our first rate training and staff accreditation scheme we ensure all cleaners are of the same ability as their co workers.

Can you afford to use anyone else?


Call us on 01792 447071 or email sales@vericleancs.co.uk to arrange a meeting.





The Danger of an unprofessional cleaner


What to look out for: Small ads in shop windows, Mobile phone number for contact details, No address on the advertisments, Generalised logos they’ve taken from somone else, promises of being “registered” and “fully insured”.  All the hallmarks of an unprofessional, inexperienced cleaner trying to make a quick buck, choose them at your peril.

We have had so many customers choosing VeriClean in the last few months who have had to swap their cleaning service provider because the one they had was a one man band who made promises of a brilliant service andhas ended in hardache.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere and some cleaners are really genuine,  but most of these small cleaning firms start off with the wrong attitude. They lie about being DBS checked and they can get references from just about anyone.  They use tesco value cleaning supplies and use bleach where they shouldn’t and what happens when the bleach drips on the carpet? They wont pay for the damage because they cannot afford it and the insurance policy is imaginary.

What makes VeriClean Different?

We have the right attitude, we are growing so fast because we treat our customers with respect, I always say “I wouldn’t leave a cleaner alone in your house or office that I wouldn’t leave alone in my own” and that is the truth.

We have a great reputation and our cleaners